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Pictures of plants on a white background you can make yourself to quite easy. You need something which gives you light from the back. A simple solution is to buy a frame with background LED light from a shop that sell stuff for advertisements. And camera do you have in your mobile. Take a few plants or flowers and you are in business!

In several of my exhibitions I have provided such a table. Then the children can play with this, and then the parents actually have time to look at the pictures on the wall.


Hints and tricks:

The automatic system on the camera is a bit stupid when it comes to pictures on a bright background.  You should help a bit to make it brighter than the default.  On a iPhone you click once and then you get a square and a sun, and then you move your finger upwards until it looks good.  It may need some practice before you have it going.


Never forget to post it on instagram!

Instagram Liz Palm.png

Advanced advices:

  • After the picture is taken you can change light and contrast to get it better.

  • Try different plants og things to find out which that let light come through them and which that becomes black.

  • Combine things that let light come through to give color and dark things that provides structure.

  • When walking in the forest or park look up, look down, look around and grab what could be interesting and put it in your basket. If you hold it up in the sun you get an impression of what it will look like.

  • Try to figure out the name of the plants you find. All you need to know is on Wikipedia.

2019-11-16 11.13.43.jpg

For the experts:

  • Is there a difference between a photography that gives botanical information and a photography which is an interesting picture?

  • Look at the picture you made again tomorrow. Then look at the pictures again after a week, then after two weeks and then after a month. Are some pictures better as you continue to look at them? Does some pictures become boring after some time? If yes, why?

  • Look up the pictures of Karl Blossfeldt and Anna Atkins on Internet  

  • How many different plants and mushrooms do you know the name of? Is it important to recognize plants?

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